Sculptura Piante

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The Sculptura Piante is a botanical drawing that will transport you into untamed nature.

Rolls of 10.05 m x 0.70 m = 7 m²

  • 42520 Indian Red
  • 42521 Soft Truffle
  • 42522 Cream
  • 42523 Thyme
  • 42524 Deep Slate
  • 42525 Dauphin
  • 42526 Albast
  • 42527 Ink Blue
  • 42528 Biscuit
  • 42529 Abalone
  • ClearPro Glue 5KG + 36.75
  • No Glue + £0.00
  • Description

    Sculptura Piante

    The Sculptura Piante is a botanical drawing that will transport you into untamed nature. Due to the tone-on-tone effect, the overall look remains peaceful and lends character to the wall. Also, the uneven nature of the wallcovering and incidence of light create extra depth and relief.

    Sculptura Collection

    Sculptura draws its inspiration from traditional plasterwork. Strips of plaster were arranged into a pattern by hand and then transformed into a surprising vinyl collection. The typical plaster structure of mesh, cracks and uneven areas is clearly visible. This intriguing wallcovering with its surprising geometric patterns subtly lends a touch of colour, relief and structure to the wall. The shadow play of light and dark brings smooth walls to life. In short, Sculptura lends a subtle decorative touch to your interior without demanding all your attention.

    Produced predominantly in Belgium, the innovative Arte wallcoverings are made using totally environmentally friendly processes.

    ClearPro Glue

    ClearPro is a professional ready-to-use water-based adhesive for all non-woven wallcoverings and fabric-backed wallcoverings. The adhesive has an extremely long open time, as well as a strong initial tack. The first feature allows you to work comfortably and makes it possible to move the wallcovering easily against the adhesive. The second feature ensures optimal and fast adhesion, to reduce the risk of open seams to an absolute minimum. Apply the Sculptura Oblong Wallcovering to your walls using the ClearPro Glue for a perfect result.

    Please contact us for further details and timings.

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