Metal X Forum

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Metal X Forum wallcovering is available in various stunning colours.

Price is per metre, with a width of 90cm and a straight repeat of 45cm.

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  • Description

    Metal X Forum Wallcovering

    Metal X Forum brings pattern layered over the signature Metal X foil wallcovering with oxidised texture. Forum is a nod to Buddhist temples, intricate patterns and soothing music, creating a calm atmosphere. The subtle contrast between the foreground and background colours means that the overall effect is not overwhelming.

    Metal X Collection

    The Metal X Collection is undeniably glamorous, with the oxidised effect adding character and a chic industrial feel. This creates that ‘perfectly imperfect’ style. The quality of the metal foil means that the pattern appears differently from various angles and with changing light. This creates a dynamic, ever-changing feel in the room. Made from real metal foil, this wallcovering has the added benefit of retaining its colour over time more than fabric or paper.

    Produced predominantly in Belgium, the innovative Arte wallcoverings are made using totally environmentally friendly processes. Arte prides itself in being trendsetting, not trend-following, producing ground-breaking ideas with every new collection release.

    ClearPro Glue

    ClearPro is a professional ready-to-use water-based adhesive for all non-woven wallcoverings and fabric-backed wallcoverings. The adhesive has an extremely long open time, as well as a strong initial tack. The first feature allows you to work comfortably and makes it possible to move the wallcovering easily against the adhesive. The second feature ensures optimal and fast adhesion, to reduce the risk of open seams to an absolute minimum. Use the ClearPro Glue for a perfect result.

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