Les Thermes Stucco

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Les Thermes Stucco wallcovering makes a playful reference to the decorative plaster used during Greco-Roman antiquity.

Width 90 cm. Free match 0 cm

Sold by the linear metre.

  • 70520 Mauve
  • 70521 Silver Pine
  • 70522 Soft Beige
  • 70523 Moss
  • 70524 Washed White
  • 70525 Light Amber
  • 70526 Slate Grey
  • 70527 Taupe
  • 70528 Blush
  • 70529 Bright Brick
  • 70530 Beach
  • 70531 Light Jeans
  • 70532 white
  • 70533 Mushroom
  • 70534 Hot Chocolate
  • 70535 Corn
  • ClearPro Glue 5KG + 36.75
  • No Glue + £0.00
  • Description

    Stucco Wallcovering

    Les Thermes Stucco Wallcovering makes a playful reference to the decorative plaster used during Greco-Roman antiquity. It is an abstraction of textile and the tone-on-tone colour palette ensures a serene but weathered look.

    Les Thermes Collection

    Les Thermes depicts the rich history of Greco-Roman antiquity, in which sculpture and architecture both play an important role. The well-known bathing culture also has a prominent presence. This is reflected in aspects such as luxurious mosaics, traditional techniques and an impression of a hand-painted scene of Roman thermal baths. This opulent collection from Arte, provides a taste of the grandeur of days long gone.

    ClearPro Glue

    ClearPro is a professional ready-to-use water-based adhesive for all non-woven wallcoverings and fabric-backed wallcoverings. The adhesive has an extremely long open time, as well as a strong initial tack. The first feature allows you to work comfortably and makes it possible to move the wallcovering easily against the adhesive. The second feature ensures optimal and fast adhesion, to reduce the risk of open seams to an absolute minimum. Apply therefore the Les Thermes Stucco Wallcovering to your walls using the ClearPro Glue for a perfect result.

    Please contact us for further details and timings.

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