Essentials Modulaire Module

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    Essentials Modulaire Module Wallcovering

    The concept behind the “Essentials” collection is that — a good basis ensures a good start. This non-woven wallpaper is printed with the most innovative techniques, and both colour and texture gives an extra dimension. This timeless wallpaper is tactile, radiates warmth and provides a comfortable feeling for any interior.

    Essentials Modulaire

    Modulaire brings a strong sense of artistry with its geometric print. This collection is intriguingly infinite, like an ingenious labyrinth, with lines, surfaces and objects standing out for their simplicity. The collection interprets geometry in a new modernistic way, and the fine structure perfectly reflects the warmth and subtlety of the textiles.

    Produced predominantly in Belgium, the innovative Arte wallcoverings are made using totally environmentally friendly processes. Arte prides itself in being trendsetting, not trend-following, with ground-breaking ideas being fashioned with every new collection release.

    ClearPro Glue

    ClearPro is a professional ready-to-use water-based adhesive for all non-woven wallcoverings and fabric-backed wallcoverings. The adhesive has an extremely long open time, as well as a strong initial tack. The first feature allows you to work comfortably and makes it possible to move the wallcovering easily against the adhesive. The second feature ensures optimal and fast adhesion, to reduce the risk of open seams to an absolute minimum. Apply the Insolence Blast wallcovering to your walls using the ClearPro Glue for a perfect result.

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